Digitalized Assurance

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Digitalized Assurance – Next generation Audit

Transparency and control are achieved via data-driven assurance

  • Transparency and Control can be achieved through process end-to-end visibility. Because visibility is enabling ownership across value chains, and it fuels sharing of process related insights and data for the prosperity of the company. 
  • Digitalized Assurance (DA) is an “intelligent” form of real-time monitoring across value chains. 
  • Digitized Assurance provides financial insights into value chains through data produced in extended ecosystems. It supplements and enhances Internal Audit and Finance functions and provides financial intellect across the organization.

Process transparency and control challenge (eg. service industry)

Often objectives of key stakeholders are conflicting and process interfaces are complex. On top of that, management drives transformation to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

As a consequence“financial process end-to-end transparency” is often limited and on “real-time money flow controls” are absent.

Digitalized assurance in complaint management area

Digitalized Assurance – Digital Process End-to-end Assurance

Digital process end-to-end assurance provides financial visibility and real-time controls across value chains.

Data-driven process end-to-end reviews for identification of issues (Data/ money flow, tech and people) and control weaknesses, bundling and providing recommendations for transformation initiatives and change projects

Visualized assurance over real-time money flows and next gen internal controls with the use of Power BI and related tools
Quote to Cash, including invoicing, customer liquidity and cash collection
Procure to Pay
Complaint management process end-to-end i.e. sharing problem insights across the organization with dimensions, such as product, financial impact, service/ customer operations

Process Mining in Power BI to visualize and quantify process variations for detailed analysis of compliance issues and automation opportunities

Digitalized assurance – Digital assurance strategy

Digital Assurance strategy input and implementation support to building next generation data-driven capabilities

Strategic workshops and roadmaps

Strategy implementation facilitation

•Assessment of maturity of capabilities in the areas: 
•Next gen monitoring i.e. real-time risk sensing
•Next gen auditing i.e. agile planning and execution in high relevance areas
•Achieving measurable process coverage i.e. emerging risks and coverage metrics 
•Reporting i.e. relevant, focused and drill-down
•Data-driven technology, approach and roadmaps
•Cooperation and collaboration across risk, assurance and quality functions

•Implementation support in capability building with concrete data-driven quick win projects

Digitalized assurance boosted with Taika AI ecosystem

Proven advanced analytics capabilities from the Helsinki Intelligence Taika AI ecosystem provide additional data insights. Such sources provide useful data that can be embedded in traditional analysis and data models to discover unknow patterns.